Canada 3.0 - May 2-4, 2011

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Develop Your Digital Roadmap for Media and Entertainment

A highly relevant and valuable session that is sure to enlighten and educate your organization on the specific actions you need to take to realize your most effective digital media strategy. We will discuss How-to's for optimizing your digital media strategy - from twitter to video to the cloud - with a focus on social media, content creation and technology solutions.


  • Dan Christian, Moderator – Founder & Chief Strategist, Dano Digital
  • Michael Litt, Co-Founder, Redwoods Media
  • Lynn Sutherland, Vice President, VRStorm
  • Harry Moxley, Vice President – Digital Media, Discovery Channel

The Evolution of Content

Meet the creative pioneers developing unique content for mobile platforms of all shapes and sizes. With the ability to stream visual content anywhere,anytime, Canada's most innovative producers of compelling stories are preparing to compete in the emerging free trade in culture. See and hear what's coming next, and the lesson's they're learning in this new visual frontier.


  • Kevin Newman – Moderator – New Media Entrepreneur& Former Global National Anchor
  • Alon Marcovici, Digital Media
  • Mark Allen, Director – Strategic Analysis, CBC/Radio-Canada
  • James Milward, Founder, Secret Location
  • Karen Pinker, Willful Group
  • Jeff Brenner, Co-Founder, Nulayer Inc.

How will Canadian content be financed in an "everything, everywhere" world in 2017?

The current models for financing "screen based" production in Canada are heavily dependent on the traditional media value chain and the multiple funding agencies directly related to the existing value chain. The combination of market size and regulatory barriers provide little incentive to build production companies and "slates" with the focus being on managing cash flow, extracting fees and then seeking the next tranche of support. Financing the production of quality screen based content will need to reflect all these changes if Canada is to continue to be a production centre that can leverage our acknowledged creative skills.


  • Jerry Brown – Moderator – Associate Partner, Consulting & Deals, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Catherine Stuart, Vice President, Aver Media
  • Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, Canada Media Fund
  • Alan Saxe, Senior Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, The Oprah Winfrey Network

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